Phòs mac banntraich bhochd nighean tuathanaich.

Title - Phòs mac banntraich bhochd nighean tuathanaich.
Contributors - Peter Morrison
Reporters - Donald Archie MacDonald

Summary - A poor widow's son marries a farmer's daughter.

A poor widow had no family other than her son Neil. His father was drowned at sea. Neil went to work for a farmer who had a daughter, Mary. Mary's brother, Iain, was not strong.

Neil was a good worker and Mary's family were fond of him. William, a wealthy man, also had his eye on Mary and schemed to come between her and Neil. William used Iain to wrongfully prove Neil dishonest concerning money. Neil left and went to sea. He told his friend Duncan what had happened. It was clear to them both that William had schemed to get rid of him. Duncan gave Mary news of Neil while he was at sea.

Iain became ill. William wanted to join two family estates together and marry Mary. Mary agreed because her parents were getting old and Iain was ill. On the wedding day there was not the usual rejoicing among the guests. When they were walking to the marriage ceremony a boat in distress was seen coming ashore. Neil was its skipper. When Mary saw Neil, she refused to marry William. Iain explained all that William had done to come between Mary and Neil. After that, William became an outcast among the people.

The contributor gives some information on the story and tells how, in order to remember it, he imagined himself in Neil's position.

Track Duration (h:m:s) - 00:24:01
Date Recorded - 1974.03-04
Language - Gaelic
Genre - Story, Information
Collection - School of Scottish Studies

Track ID - 40200
Original Tape ID - SA1974.050
Original Track ID - SA1974.50.B+51.A1-A2
Audio Quality - Good
Audio Format - R2R

Classification - AT974;

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