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Biography - Donald Archie MacDonald

  • Full Name - Donald Archie MacDonald
  • Gaelic Name - Dòmhnall Eairdsidh Dòmhnallach
  • Nickname -
  • Alternative Name -
  • Patronymic Name - Dòmhnall Eairdsidh Ghearraidh Iain
  • Gender - Male
  • Year of Birth - 1929
  • Year of Death - 1999
  • Native Area

  • County - Inverness-shire
  • Parish - North Uist
  • Island - North Uist
  • Village - Gearraidh Iain
  • Biography - Donald Archie was born in the Sollas district of North Uist in 1929. His father's family had lived there for over 200 years; his mother was from Caithness and he grew up in a bilingual home. Like others of his generation, in order to further his education Donald Archie had to leave the island, and went to Portree High School in Skye. From there he went to Edinburgh University where he graduated in English Language in 1953 and then in Celtic in 1955. After employment at Register House and in the National Library of Scotland, he achieved his life wish to work at the School of Scottish Studies, for which he had already done some recording. His main interest was in oral narrative and in 1966 he set up the Tale Archive, a special study resource within the Sound Archive. He and Alan Bruford shared the editorship of the journal Tocher for many years.

    Donald Archie worked at the School from 1962 until his retirement in 1994. He held various posts – Research Fellow, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Director. His invaluable contribution to the Scottish tradition consists of over 800 recordings he made from the 1950s to the 1990s, now lodged in the Sound Archive.
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