Biography - Fred E. Kent

Full Name - Fred E. Kent
Gaelic Name -
Nickname -
Alternative Name - Frederick Ernest Kent
Patronymic Name -
Gender - Male

Year of Birth - 1932
Year of Death - 1998

Native Area
County - Midlothian
Island -
Parish - Edinburgh
Village/Town - Edinburgh

Biography - 1932-1998
Fred Kent made an outstanding contribution to the recording, processing and publication of Scottish traditional lore, song and music over a period of 33 years. After secondary school at Trinity Academy, Edinburgh, he became a Post Office engineer, a position to which he returned briefly after two years of National Service with the RAF as an air wireless mechanic. In 1954 he joined the BBC as a sound engineer, and then, after a further couple of moves, he became chief technician of the Sound Laboratory at the School of Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

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