Tobar an Dualchais Kist O Riches

Tobar an Dualchais Kist O Riches

The voices of the past... brought to life through the latest technology

Quick Tips

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  • If a file appears to have been loading for a long time, click on the loading wheel and it should play.
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Full Record

Click on the title of any track within the ‘Results’ page(s) to see the full record. Alternatively, you can view the full record by clicking on the ‘show more’ link within each summary on the ‘Results’ page(s).

There is an icon on the top left hand of the full record page which depicts the genre of the track. The audio file is displayed on the top right hand of the full record page and you click on the > icon to play it.

The fields displayed vary from record to record, but contain details about the audio item. If you click on the name of a contributor or reporter you will get additional information about them. Within the contributor information there is also a link to a list of all the tracks in which the contributor appears. If you click on the original tape ID you will see all the items on that tape.

Click on the ‘back to search results’ link near the top of the page to go back to the ‘Results’ page(s).

You can click on the ‘Refine search’ link, situated at the left hand side of the box above the Results list, to modify your search in Advanced Search.